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Filarski Art
This abstract is an Acrylic painting on canvas size, 110 x 150cm. It has been a journey from layer upon layer until the work you see now. The top of a Crushed Can is like a bridge from the Crushed Can series to the Abstract series where my background as a graphic designer/art director shines trough. Artworks are available as the highly collectable original acrylic on canvas painting (110 x 150 CM), must have limited edition fine art prints (55 x 70 cm) and super affordable mini’s (framed, 24 x 30 cm). Worldwide shipping. If you like to purchase this work or visit my studio in Leeuwarden, for inquiries and availability, please give me a call +31 (0)627086787 or mail
Filarski Art
Artwork uplifting the kitchen area
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